Data breaches happen.

An estimated 60% of small and medium sized businesses lack any type of plan for responding to or reporting data breach losses.

Just go to a local newspaper or website to find reports of data breaches and the headaches they cause the businesses who get hit. Whether a breach is the result of a hacker accessing your system, or a simple mistake such as a lost or stolen lap top, any company can be at risk.

Business Risk Partners underwrites Privacy policies specifically for small to middle market companies. Our out-of-the-box underwriting offers solutions tailored to your client’s needs, including 1st and 3rd party coverage options.

The policy also features proactive loss mitigation services and an innovative first responder concept which provides a single point of entry to a myriad of services required in the event of a breach. And it’s all backed by an A-rated insurance carrier!

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$160,500 mistakes happen. Read an actual claims scenario.

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