What do the following industry segments have in common?

Assisted Living/Nursing Homes, Fitness Clubs/Spas, Franchise Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs, Law Firms, PEOs and Staffing Firms have more difficult employment practices liability risks. The first four tend to have lower wages, more turnover and terminations resulting in increased exposure. The last three have their own distinct circumstances. BRP’s EPL coverage comes with unique features specifically designed for these more difficult classes of business.

BRP’s BancShield program now covers performing banks in addition to distressed banks

A persistent low interest rate environment, regulatory limitations and compliance, troubled mortgages (residential and commercial) and weak loan demand continue to create challenges for Community Banks. In addition, merger and acquisition activity is on the rise. To ensure your community bank clients are adequately protected from the threat of lawsuits, BRP has expanded its BancShield Program to include performing banks in addition to distressed banks.

DATA BREACH/PRIVACY: BRP’s Minimum Premiums and Retentions Start at $1,000

According to a study by Gartner Group, 94% of companies that suffered a major data loss went out of business within two years! Our policy offers a single point of access for first responders to triage the situation and access appropriate experts to minimize the impact. Additionally, we offer$20,000 of Pre Claim Assistance, outside of the deductible, in order to determine if the breach occurred.

What’s new from Business Risk Partners in 2015?

We now offer Mono-line Wage & Hour policy coverage for structural engineers in our A&E facility; coverage for financial planners and advisors in our Cyber facility; coverage for real estate agents in the State of California in our MPL …