Thank you for your business!

Business Risk Partners Recent Successes!

As we continue to operate in this challenging environment, we are thankful to have you as a business partner and we are grateful for your continued support. Here are some recent successes we’ve had with you.

Architects & Engineers E&O Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Firm $2M limit x $35K deductible $63,000 premium

Financial Institutions E&O Healthcare Merger & Acquisition Advisor $1M limit x $100K deductible $24,790 premium

Insurance Agents E&O Retail Insurance Agency $2M/$5M limit x $10K deductible $18,811 premium

Not-For-Profit Management Liability Public Housing Assistance/Services D&O/EPL $1M shared limit x $25K retention $5,757 premium

Private Company Management Liability Software Programming/High Tech D&O/EPL $5M limit x $25K retention/FID $1M limit x $0 retention (Separate limits – $11M aggregate)/Crime $1M limit x $15K deductible $44,246 premium

Professional Liability Wine Consultant and Bottling Facility $1M limit x $35K deductible $15,680 premium

Sexual Abuse & Molestation Liability Doctors Group/Offices $3M limit x $50K retention $22,500 premium

Thank you for your business! And please let us know whenever we may provide additional assistance for your Management and Professional Liability needs.

Your colleagues at Business Risk Partners


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