“Work From Home Defender” from BRP

Work From Home Defender

Business Risk Partners

April 1, 2021

Have you grown accustomed to your current remote work capabilities? Are sweat pants and more time with the family pet making you happy? Are you worried that the reopening of the country may require you to return to the office? Then we have a solution for you! The “Work From Home Defender” protects your income in the event that your employer wants you to return to work in the office full time and you refuse.

Pre Covid, only 17% of the US workforce worked from home 5 days a week. During the pandemic, that number has grown significantly. Now almost half of US employees work from home. Many of these newly remote employees are enjoying the flexibility that comes with it, from ease of appointments and commuter savings to childcare flexibility and more time with the family. As vaccinations progress and states begin relaxing rules, more and more employers will require employees to return to the office.

However, will any of us ever be truly comfortable returning to an office petri dish? Enter the “Work From Home Defender“. Purchase a policy, and if your employer mandates a return to work in the office full time, or if you choose to leave your job due to the lack of flexibility, this policy will provide you with 75% or your average pay for up to 6 months while you seek a new, more flexible opportunity. In addition, we can provide you with resume reviews, interviewing prep and other tools to find the remote job of your dreams.

Our simple application detailing employment history, and your current employer & salary is all it takes to get coverage in place. You must be over 18 and a full time employee (for the last six months) to qualify. Premiums billed in installments.

Retain your flexible work schedule, and get the protection you need!

Administered by Business Risk Partners, The policy is underwritten by Freedom Life, an A rated carrier. Not all applicants will qualify. April Fools terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the entire policy to understand terms and conditions. Brought to you by the jokester committee.

Please contact us to learn more or to obtain a quote.

Lisa Doherty
phone: 860-903-0002                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ldoherty@businessriskpartners.com


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