A&E for Small to Middle Market Firms

Architects & Engineers E&O

Business Risk Partners

Target:     Small to middle market firms up to $10 million in revenue
Capacity: $2 million (primary or excess)

A&E Classes Include, But Are Not Limited To The Following:

Acoustical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Forensic Engineer
Interior Design
Process Engineer
Specialty Design Engineer
Civil Engineer
Feasibility Studies
HVAC Engineer
Landscape Architect
Project Manager
Traffic Planner
Fire Sprinkler Engineer
Illumination Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Regional Planner
Urban Planner
Recent Successes:
Interior Design Firm $500K/$500K limit x $5K deductible $1,760 premium
Land Surveying Firm $500K/$500K limit x $10K deductible $9,120 premium
HVAC/Electrical Eng. Firm $1M/$1M limit x $5K deductible $7,220 premium
Commercial Architecture Firm $1M/$2M limit x $10K deductible $28,760 prem.
Electrical Engineering Firm $1M/$1M limit x $5K deductible $6,300 premium
Interior Design Firm $500K/$500K limit x $10K deductible $17,120 prem.

BUSINESS RISK PARTNERS is ready to assist you with your submissions!

Please contact Kerry Cheh, Underwriter; Shannon Doherty, Underwriting Associate; or Mark Wilson, Director of National Sales; or visit our website at www.businessriskpartners.com if you would like additional information.

Kerry Cheh


phone: 860-929-2999


Shannon Doherty

Underwriting Associate

phone: 860-903-0033


Mark Wilson

Director of National Sales

phone: 860-903-0037


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