Structural, Residential and Condominium A&E Exposures Do Not Scare Us!

Architects and Engineers (A&E)

Need a market for an experienced, loss

free mechanical engineer in Nebraska?




As a 10 year underwriter of A&E risks with Lloyd’s, we are equipped for the unusual, the troubled, or even the coverage challenged.

Structural, residential, and condominium risks do not scare us! They too can be underwritten.

Recent successes:

  • Structural engineering consultant in Alabama specializing in machinery encasements for industrial clients.
  • Architectural firm in Florida providing residential home design services.
  • Interior design firm in Louisiana working exclusively with condominiums.

Contact Liz Martinelli today and see what BRP can do for your A&E Insureds.

Elizabeth Martinelli
Lead Underwriter
phone: 860-903-0012

Stephen Brault
Director of Broker Relations
phone: 860-903-0017

Mark Wilson
Director of National Sales
phone: 860-903-0037

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