Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance from Business Risk Partners!


Do you have a risk that is not a fit with an admitted market? Being non-renewed due to claims activity?

BUSINESS RISK PARTNERS has specialized in writing unique E&O exposures for over a decade with tailored insurance solutions!

We’ve recently put up terms on the following:

  • Residential Real Estate Sales and Commercial Property Manager
  • Business Loan Administrator
  • International Logistics Company
  • Administrator of Student Assistance and Financial Programs
  • Aircraft Loan Servicer

We consider businesses with up to $60 million in revenue. And we can provide limits of up to $5 million on either a primary or excess basis.

Coverage Extensions:

  • Personal Injury: Protects against libel/slander, invasion of privacy and more
  • Confidentiality: Liability coverage in the event of a breach of your clients’ private information
  • Administrative Proceedings: Defense for administrative proceedings or investigations of professional misconduct
  • Automatic coverage for acquired subsidiaries
  • Mediation deductible credit
  • Defense Outside the Limit

If you need a market for your non-standard risks, please give us a call!

Brad Lacey
Principal Underwriter

phone: 860-937-7338


Stephen Brault
Director of Broker Relations
phone: 860-903-0017

Mark Wilson
Director of National Sales
phone: 860-903-0037

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