EPL for Law Firms, Staffing Agencies, PEO’s and LARGE Insureds!


Have an EPL risk with unique exposure? We have the SPECIALTY FORM to meet their needs!

EPL for Law Firms

  • Coverage extends to the firm and every person in the firm, including partners, principals, shareholders, associates, “of counsel” lawyers and employees (Partner vs. Partner)
  • Failure to make Partner claims covered.
  • Split retentions also available (e.g., instead of $10,000 flat, $15,000 for attorneys and $5,000 for non-attorneys)

EPL for Staffing Firms 

Separate insuring agreements for temps! Our form includes three insuring agreements:

  1. Coverage for claims by in-house employees (the Insured’s OWN employees)
  2. Coverage for claims by temporary workers against the Insured
  3. Coverage for claims by temporary workers against the Client Company

Privacy, Immigration and Wage & Hour coverage available for in-house employees!

EPL for PEO’s (Professional Employer Organizations)

  1. Broad definition of employee, including volunteers, all staff members (full time, part time, seasonal, temporary), leased employees and independent contractors as well as “joint employees”, and people claiming to be employees!
  2. Client Company coverage included on an automatic basis. Separate limits can be considered for Client Companies upon request.
  3. Separate website URL set up for insured, as a branded loss control portal. Newsletters by email with the PEO’s logo to its client companies can be included. All information customizable to the PEO’s desires!

OR, do you have a LARGE risk with 750+ employees? The bigger they are, the better our quote!! We specialize in very large insured’s. All of our EPL forms include:

  • “Wrongful Employment Practice” definition includes SEVENTEEN causes of loss. One of the broadest available.
  • Built-in retention credits from 10% to 50% in certain situations. Great when retentions are $50,000 – $100,000 !!
  • Coverage grants can include up to $150,000 FLSA, $150,000 Immigration, Privacy Violations coverage, Employment Event sublimit, and even Defense Outside the Limit.
  • Free Unlimited HR support by phone/e-mail, access to state-specific online content for all 50 states, online training, and Toll Free Employee Complaint hotline
  • Mono-FLSA policies available for risks with a minimum of 1,000 employees!


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