It’s a sad reality but one that’s hard to escape. Active assailant incidents are happening with greater frequency across the globe. As violence grows, it poses a severe and unpredictable risk to companies, institutions and people. In 2019, the US suffered more mass shootings — defined as incidents in which four or more people are injured or killed — than any year on record. And 2020 is already outpacing previous years. Even worse, organizations today must be prepared for not only active shooters, but assailants using other lethal weapons including knives, bombs, and vehicles. To enhance their security efforts and peace of mind, more organizations are choosing to be proactive with BRP's Active Assailant insurance protection.

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Backed by an A-rated carrier, BRP offers specialized insurance coverage that helps to protect your organization from every angle — including critical response services from the world's leading private security firm. Ongoing or single-event coverage is available.

Legal Liability: Coverage for the damages and claim expenses an insured will become legally obligated to pay following an incident.

Physical Damage: Coverage for the cost of physical loss, damage or destruction to insured property resulting from an Active Assailant incident.

Business Interruption Coverage: The financial loss incurred as a result of the loss of use of the property.

Extra Expenses (FULL LIMIT): Cover for a range of extra expenses and costs likely to be incurred by an insured including Brand rehabilitation • Medical expenses • Psychiatric care • Emergency accommodation • Repatriation • Forensic clean-up • Temporary premises • Funeral expenses • Temporary staff costs • Child care

Incident Response: Provided by Garda World, a specialist team of responders will be on the ground within 24 hours of an emergency call. Insureds also have access to free prevention and training services from GardaWorld.


Active Assailant Incident – A premeditated, malicious physical attack by an Active Assailant at a covered location who is present and armed with a weapon (including ANY handheld instrument, small arms, explosives and vehicles), and the subsequent action of authorities.

AND: Threat Incident – Any specific threats to inflict bodily injury, or damage, destroy or contaminate property.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is solely intended to be a summary of policy coverage. Please reference the actual policy for specific terms and conditions. The policy supersedes all representations made above.

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