Negligence happens.

The average Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MPL) claim is $38,300.

For claims adjustors the average claim is $46,400.  Claims against inspection consultants can exceed $20,000. That’s a significant hit to the bottom line. Fortunately Business Risk Partners’ Miscellaneous Professional Liability Program is available for more than 300 classes of professional services. While the circumstances and liability exposures vary, the situations have something in common. Human error can result in a claim with significant financial consequences. We cover them all with the right brand and fit of coverage.

We start with extensive knowledge about the many exposures within various business classes. And if we don’t know, we thoroughly investigate what’s necessary to make a policy work for each of our insured. From the expected coverage for tour operators and premium financers to the more exotic services of ash scatterers and goose monitors, we craft the coverage they need.


Miscellaneous Professional Liability Materials



$261,000 mistakes happen.
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