Errors happen.

In 2013, 27% of private companies had experienced a D&O claim over the last decade. The average total cost including judgments, settlements, fines and legal fees was $697,902. 

Directors and Officers (D&O) coverage is particularly relevant to today’s headlines. Increasingly shareholders are suing board members and senior management to recoup losses, even when there is no evidence of mismanagement or lack of oversight. D&O coverage protects the assets of privately-held companies and the personal assets of Directors and Officers. No industry is immune from errors in judgment of this type. All have the same basic exposure to these inherent risks. Business Risk Partners’ full and comprehensive coverage is easily customized for an exact fit. What’s more, we’re backed by the financial strength of our partners and we’re admitted in most states. D&O is available as stand-alone coverage or in combination with Employment Practice Liability and/or Fiduciary Liability.

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