Illegal activity happens.

Eight out of 10 crimes against businesses are perpetrated by employees.

Crime takes many forms including fraud, bribery, forgery and embezzlement. When employees commit these acts, the losses incurred are extremely disruptive to business. While we can’t prevent the acts, Business Risk Partners can help protect and indemnify your clients from these risks. We provide customized crime coverage for each individual risk with our Commercial Crime policy. On any given day, you can pick up a newspaper and read about these so-called white collar crimes. Any company with employees has exposure. We can provide coverage for almost every one of them. Our experience includes providing protection for transportation companies, services providers, retailers and manufacturers. We also provide coverage for mortgage bankers and brokers – either of which can be written on an industry-tailored form 15 bond. With limits up to $5 million backed by A-rated carriers, BRP protects against 1st and 3rd party exposures with comprehensive coverage.

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