Mark Wilson, Director of National Sales

“I love how we have the ability to be creative and innovative in the insurance underwriting world.”

Sunanda Banskota, Underwriting Assistant, Professional Liability

“The training is really good. My teammates are very helpful and my managers are a good source of support.”

Patrick Gallagher, Technical Administrator

“Working for BRP is great. The COOL committee is always planning fun events for the employees to take their mind off work.”

April Salvas, Senior Underwriter, Management Liability

“BRP is a fun and exciting place to work. You are a person here. Not a number. Everyone knows everyone and all are approachable.”

Karen Lombardo, Product Manager, Team Leader

“BRP has a very clear vision. This coupled with a culture of collaboration plus honest and candid leadership paves the way for growth among employees.”

Stephen L. Brault, Director of Broker Relations

“BRP has been a great opportunity to work with a smaller, fast-paced entrepreneurial company — a truly refreshing departure from a career that was primarily corporate based.”

Andrew Haughey, Underwriter, Professional Liability

“It was a bit of a shock when I first started working here that the founders work on the floor with everyone and are open to answering any questions that you may have.  It really creates an environment of openness and learning that I have not seen in any other organization.”

Rhonda Thiesen, Underwriting Associate, Management Liability

“The culture is amazing.  It’s a small company and everyone knows each other.  We do charity events, fun company activities throughout the year and celebrate the success of each employee.”