There’s nothing more tragic than the sexual misconduct and molestation headlines we see daily. Today even the greatest employee screening practices or supervisory best practices aren’t fail proof posing not only major safety challenges but liability concerns for organizations of all sizes. Coverage can be tough to find. Often GL carriers are reluctant to write it, and if they do, they usually have low sub-limits — typically about $100K.

BRP’s policy is backed by an A.M. Best A-rated carrier. Our coverage caters to organizations that come in contact with minors: schools, K-12 and post-secondary, daycare, camps, after-school programs, tutoring centers, transportation providers, such as public and private school buses, and religious institutions and non-profits to name a few. We can also consider risks that have a contract requirement to maintain SMML, for example, a contractor working in a school. As well, we will consider healthcare providers, such as doctor’s offices, assisted living facilities and hospitals.

BRP’s policy covers up to $5 million limit with a minimum premium starting a $5,000. Prevention and Crisis Response Services are part of every policy. This includes a 24/7 website plus a telephone advisory service that you can access with critical prevention and response services.

BRP also has the ability to consider a mono-line policy with up to $5 million in limits as well as excess and excess over GL sub-limits.