Need More Capacity? BRP has EXCESS!

These days litigation is a way of life and damages can be massive.
Do you have clients who need more capacity? Want to make sure gaps are covered?

Do Cyber Underwriters Need Property Underwriting Training?

A single cyber event can create multiple exposures with potential effects on one or more of a company’s insurance policies.

Cyber underwriters grappling with liability from such events would do well to learn from property underwriters who have a wealth of experience addressing similar issues in the following three areas: aggregation exposure, business interruption and risk management.

Excess Management Liability from BRP

Are you looking to reach higher limits? Limits up to $5 million for any combination of D&O, EPL and Fiduciary Liability over most any carrier. We can write excess over our own primary, providing up to $10 million in total limits on admitted paper!

The M&A Frenzy

“I’m being bought out!”

“We’re merging with an agency five times our size that will take our revenue to a whole new level!”

While expressions of excitement like the ones above might be music to the ears of an owner considering selling an agency, beware!

When it comes to selling an insurance agency, I’ve heard my share of mixed results during 25-plus years working in the industry and underwriting specialty risk — often for insurance agents and brokers whose firms are in the process of merging or being acquired.

Some sellers happily sail into

It’s in part because of cases like this that a little-known corner of the insurance market has been growing, and fast. These days, almost half of large employers buy insurance coverage for claims of discrimination and harassment: it’s called Employment Practices Liability Insurance, and it was almost non-existent 25 years ago.