Professional Liability (E&O)

Insurance Agents, Architects & Engineers, Real Estate & Property Services, Home Inspectors, Miscellaneous Professional Liability and Technology Service Providers

Errors happen.

One out of every seven professional service firms will be sued this year.

Professionals of all stripes make mistakes. People forget. People miss design flaws. People overlook a deal-breaking detail in proposals or contracts. That’s why professional liability insurance (E&O) was developed. As our society has become more litigious, the need for businesses to protect themselves from potential lawsuits has increased exponentially. According to Towers Perrin, $160 billion is spent annually on commercial torts.

Business Risk Partners protects professional classes from all manner of legal peril like insurance agents, real estate agents and property services, architects and engineers, technology firms, home inspectors as well as offering a Miscellaneous Professional Liability Program for another 150 classes of professional services  Our underwriters create comprehensive coverage to protect against exposure to the risk inherent in doing business.  We’re specialists in E&O insurance. We make sure your E&O policies are buttoned up before they’re issued. People say they appreciate our proprietary technology designed to secure self-managed accounts and our quick, responsive service. Our relationships with leading global specialty carriers provide us with access to protection regardless of a particular company’s size or complexity of exposure.